JJC Wireless Shutter Release For Sony Cameras

Here’s a very cool radio release trigger for Sony users. JJC JM-F2(II) Wireless Shutter Release For Sony is designed to trigger Sony cameras with a multi-interface remote port. This wireless remote system can trigger the receiver without direct line of sight up to 30 meters using 433MHZ frequency with 16 channels.

JJC JM-F2(II) Wireless Shutter Release For Sony Cameras

The JM-F2(II) receiver connects to the camera’s remote socket with the supplied JJC receiver cable to trigger the camera shutter at five modes: single shot, 5 seconds delay shot, 3 continuous shots, unlimited continuous shots and bulb shot. The receiver has a 1/4″-20 tripod mount socket on the bottom, so you can even mount the receiver onto a tripod. JM-F2(II) transmitter is able to fire multiple receivers at the same time. The receiver itself with the connecting cable can be used as a Wired Remote Switch, half press to focus, full press to take a photo.


16 Possible Radio Channels over 433MHz


Wireless function supports five modes: single shot, 5 seconds delay shot, 3 continuous shots, unlimited continuous shots and bulb shot.

Wired triggering allows you half press to focus, fully press to take photo, and wired triggering works even if the receiver battery is dead or missing.

Dual-Function Release

Press the transmitter’s button half way to focus; press it fully to trigger the shutter.

Delayed Release

The delay function gives you extra time to get into position.

Long Exposures

With the JM-F2(II) you can control the length of the exposure remotely.

LED Indicators

Two LED indicators confirm pre-focus and exposure when in the wireless mode.


Manufacturer lists compatibility for: Sony A7, A7R, A7S, A3000, A5000, A6000, A58, NEX-3NL, HX300, HX50V, RX100II and RX100III – but in theory it should work with any Sony camera with a multi-interface remote port. I’ll update this once I try it.

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18 thoughts on “JJC Wireless Shutter Release For Sony Cameras”

  1. I have the JC jmf2(11) wireless shutter release. Worked for a year, and now doesn’t work after replacing batteries. . Really like it. For the price think the best thing to do is replace it rather than try to get it repaired In China. Agree ???????

  2. Brian, Just wanted to let you and your readers know that I purchased this remote based on your supposition that this remote should work with any Sony Camera with the Multi-interface support port.I tried using the remote with the Sony a7R ii and I can not get this remote to work consistently. It worked for a few tries and then stopped working altogether. I have ensured the the remote setting is on within the Sony a7R ii but with no luck. I will contact the amazon seller to see i I can return it. It might help other readers to know that it does not work with the Sony a7R ii.

    1. This post was written well before the release of a7RII so I just tested that combination and it works fine. Chances are the remote you received was simply defective because they are totally compatible.

      FWIW, you do not need to turn on the remote setting when using a remote connected to the multi-terminal port. That setting is for the infrared Sony RMTDSLR2 Wireless Remote.

      1. Awesome thanks for the response and the test with the Sony a7Rii Brian. I have contacted the seller and asked him to ship me a new remote based on the above. I can’t wait to get it to test it out. Thanks again.

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