Impact Venture 600 Ws TTL Battery-Powered Monolights for Sony


Impact VE-TTL Venture 600 Ws TTL Battery-Powered Monolights are compact, powerful TTL battery-powered monolights with full time HSS that offer 600 watt-seconds of power with 500 full-power flashes from each battery. In Quick Mode, recycle time for full power is only 1.2 seconds over the eight-stop range; Power Mode is 3 seconds.

The flashhead includes both a tilting stand adapter and pistol-style grip for all kinds of mounting and moving scenarios. With the stand adapter removed, the Venture measures just 8.9″ long and just 4.1″ in diameter (slightly larger than a 70-200 2.8), so it can fit into your camera bag or roller bag.

The Venture TTL-600 features advanced IGBT technology that enables ultrafast switching and makes it possible to attain fast flash durations at higher output powers for a max flash duration is 1/19,500 sec. in fast mode and 1/18,500 sec. in Power Mode.

The head includes a frosted glass diffusion dome for even spread of light that’s ideal both when shooting bare-bulb or into flash modifiers. A Digital Color-Correction Circuit maintains accurate color within ± 50K regardless of the selected power setting.


Impact Venture TTL-600 Battery-Powered Monolight (Available here for $999)

• Two Operating Modes: Quick & Power
• Built-In Receivers: Sony, Canon, Nikon
• 9 Channels, 3 Groups
• 1.2 – 3.0 Sec Recycling
• 8-Stop Power Range
• Flash Duration: 1/380 – 1/19,500
• Up to 500 Full-Power Flashes
• High Speed Sync to 1/8000 Sec
• LED Modeling Light with 4 Modes
• Lithium-Ion Battery Powered

Impact Venture Wireless Controller for Sony (Available here for $230)

Impact Venture Wireless Controller is included in the kit below but you can purchase additional Controllers to enable working with multiple cameras or if you shoot with several camera brands, the Controller is available for Sony, Canon & Nikon.

• Optional Remote TTL for Sony
• 9 Channels, 3 Groups
• HSS and Second Curtain Sync
• Shutter Speeds as Short as 1/8000 Sec
• Modeling Light Control
• Mini-USB for Firmware Updates

Impact Venture TTL-600 Battery-Powered Monolight Kit with Sony Controller
List Price: $1,478.99 | Instant Savings: $229.04 | You Pay: $1,249.95

This is definitely the best deal since for a few bucks more than purchasing the flashhead and controller separately – you also get an extra battery ($150 list) and 32″ Hex Softbox ($99.99 list)

• Venture TTL-600 Monolight
• Venture Wireless Controller for Sony MIS
• Spare Venture Lithium-Ion Battery
• Venture 32″ Hex Softbox

Extra Batteries:

Impact-Lithium-Ion-Venture-Flash-BatteryImpact Lithium-Ion Battery for Venture TTL 600 (Available here for $150)

As with any battery-powered flash, it’s always a good idea to have a spare battery. This Lithium-Ion Battery for Venture TTL 600 from Impact will give you an additional 500 full-power flashes on a 3.5-hour charge from the Impact Venture multi-voltage charger.

• 500 Full-Power Flashes
• Charges in 3.5 Hours
• Weight 0.95 lb (430.9 g)

Please Note: One extra battery is included in the Impact Venture TTL-600 Battery-Powered Monolight Kit

Impact Modifiers:

Impact Venture 32″ Hex Softbox (Available here for $99.99)

• For Venture TTL-600 Monolight
• Soft, Flattering Lighting
• Removable Inner Baffle
• Built-In Mount

Impact Venture 14″ Deep Dish Reflector ($77.95) + Impact Venture Grid for 14″ Reflector ($50)

Impact Venture 14″ Deep Dish Reflector provide a soft Gradation, 65° Beam of light from Venture Monolights. You can add an Impact Venture Grid for 14″ Reflector to narrow that beam which also helps control unwanted spill light. The 14″ grid is spring-loaded for easy installation.

Impact Beauty Dish Reflectors


Left to Right: Impact 16″ Beauty Dish Reflector ($64.95), Impact 20″ Beauty Dish Reflector ($124.00) & Impact 22″ Beauty Dish Reflector ($134.95). All Impact Beauty Dish Reflectors Require an Impact Beauty Dish Adapter for Impact Flash Heads ($24.95)

Additional Modifiers:

Impact VE-TTL Venture TTL 600 Ws Monolights feature Comet-style adapter mount for minimum size and maximum portability. are compatible with Comet reflectors and speed rings:

Comet CX-A Standard Reflector – 9″ ($88.50) Pair it with:

Hensel 9″ Honeycomb Grid Set: 20, 30, 40° Grids ($225.00)

Impact will also release a Comet-to-Bowens flash mount adapter for full use with all Bowens S-Mount light shapers available from Impact and other manufacturers.

Here’s a video that shows it all off…



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