Today’s Deal: ikan Piatto PL60 6″ Flat Panel LED Light

ikan Piatto PL60 6″ Flat Panel LED Light | Original Price: $279.95 | Save $145 | Today’s Deal: $134.95

Today’s Deal is one of my favorite deal in a long time since this ikan Piatto PL60 6″ Flat Panel LED Light is a HUGE BARGAIN even at the full list price!

It’s small and thin enough to fit easily into your camera bag – yet it packs a powerful punch!

The 6″ ikan Piatto PL60 LED Accent Light is a daylight-balanced beauty or wash light that employs edge light technology for extra soft output. Three-hundred tiny LEDs point inward towards the light’s frame where prisms reroute it through diffusion material that remains completely free of LED hot spots.

The PL60’s slim 1/2″ profile, 1 lb weight and aluminum housing make it an ideal location light for a wide variety of shooting environments. For that reason the AC/DC light comes with Panasonic, Sony, and Canon battery plates, as well as a 120 VAC adapter. The 5,600K daylight-balanced head dims from 10-100% and has a high CRI of 94 for accurate rendering of colors and subtle hues. Four 1/4″-20 taps are located on the unit’s frame to accept accessories like the included 5/8″ stand mount.

Product Highlights

  • Slim 1/2″ Profile, Fits Almost Anywhere
  • Edge Light Technology for Extra Softness
  • 5,600K Daylight Balance, CRI: 94
  • Sony, Panasonic, Canon Battery Plates
  • Pre-Attached Gel Clips
  • Readouts for Brightness, Battery Status
  • LM102 5/8″ Stand Mount
  • 4 x 1/4″-20 Taps for Accessories

    Amber Ray photographed with Sony a7SII
    Burlesque legend Amber Ray photographed with one ikan Piatto PL60 6″ Flat Panel LED Light

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    2 thoughts on “Today’s Deal: ikan Piatto PL60 6″ Flat Panel LED Light”

    1. I had presumed that this unit would take a Sony camera battery, either DSLR or mirrorless, but it doesn’t. Would have like to have known that before I bought one.

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