How to Upgrade to Adobe Lightroom 6

While I personally use Lightroom CC, I get lots of questions about how to upgrade stand-alone Lightroom 6 rather than Cloud-based Lightroom CC. It’s just a bit tricky to find, but here’s how to do it.

1. Go to

2. Click “Buy” under “Lightroom 6 – $149″³.


3. Next to “I want to buy:”, change it from “Full” to “Upgrade”.


4. In “I own” pulldown, select the version of Lightroom you own.


5. Check-out at $79 USD and download (prices vary around the globe depending on local taxes)




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11 thoughts on “How to Upgrade to Adobe Lightroom 6”

  1. Version 6.1.1 is good.
    Make sure not to upgrade to 6.2, which has a number of severe bugs. In my case, horrible performance, and an endless loop of “not finished writing metadata to the file” when I tried to quit.
    It looks like 6.3 may have been released, but I for one am waiting for some positive accounts before upgrading.

  2. I am not very techy but want to upgrade from LR 5.7 to LR6….and happy to pay to do so. I am just a bit nervous about doing so as there seem to be a lot of videos around regarding backing up current catalogs etc. Does the upgrade require a brainiac to do so?

    1. God no. Even I could do it… It’s super-easy. When you start up LR 6, you’ll get a message that ‘Lightroom must update the current LR Catalog’. Just allow it to do it’s thing and depending how big you catalog is, Lightroom will just churn through it an you’ll be done.

  3. If I buy the Lightroom 6 standalone upgrade today, which version of Lightroom will I receive? 6.3 or which?

  4. I found the update version 1.5 months ago, but didn’t have the cash to spare at that time. I wanted to buy the Update just now, but can’t find it anymore. It only offers a monthly/yearly plan – that is not what I want. I want the standalone update for my existing ancient 3.5 LR. Any help?

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