How To Tether Sony a7/a7R/a7S Cameras

Sony’s Remote Camera Control application allows you to control your Sony a7, a7R or a7S and to record images to your computer via the micro USB cable supplied with your camera. You can also use it to change camera settings from your computer, or perform interval-timed shooting.

You can download Remote Camera Control for Windows at:
You can download Remote Camera Control for Mac at:

(Please Note: Remote Camera Control works the same with any Sony camera that supports tethering including a99, a77 II, a5000, a6000, a58, a900, a850 and a700 – Just make certain you have version 3.3 or later to tether Sony a7S or a77 II)

Setting your camera up for tethered shooting:


1. Set your camera’s USB Connection to PC Remote Mode

Select Menu > Setup Menu > USB Connection > PC Remote.

2. Connect the micro USB cable supplied with your camera to the Multi-Terminal USB port on the side of the a7/a7R/a7S camera


3. Plug the other end of the cable into your computer’s USB port. The USB cable that comes with the camera is very short, but you can extend the range using a TetherPro USB 3 SuperSpeed active extension cable


4. Turn on your camera then Open Remote Camera Control to establish a connection. Once you do, you can set a destination folder and control a number of camera settings


5. You can view those images as they’re transferred to your computer by using Sony’s Image Data Converter software or third-party applications such as Capture One or Adobe Lightroom

When using Adobe Lightroom you need to set Lightroom to watch the import folder:

Turn on Auto Import in Lightroom: File > Auto Import > Enable Auto Import

Set the Auto Import Settings to select the import location: File > Auto Import > Auto Import Settings




Tether Cables:

Since I’ve got big feet and all the grace of a mule, I love the High-Visibility Orange TetherPro USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Active Extension Cables. The highly visible orange will help keep you from tripping over the cable and tearing down the set.

Cable Management:

I really like the TetherTools JerkStoppers because they keep the connection rock solid…(the nice folks at Tether Tools swear they didn’t name them after me)

Tether Tables:
TetherTools LoPro-2 Bracket

Tether Tables can be mounted on industry standard lightstands or tripods that you probably already have on set. I particularly like Tether Tools LoPro-2 Pro-Bracket for my Tether Table Aero. It’s small and light for travel and grooved to slip right into Arca-style Quick Release Heads that I have on all my tripods. It’s thin profile allows you to easily slip your Tether Table into your laptop bag or at the top of a roller bag when your head out for your next photo shoot.

TetherTools Tether Table Aero with LoPro-2 Bracket perfect for easy travel.

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  6. Can I comtrol the camera in slog video mode and both recording thought hdmi in an external device as BM Videoassist 4k?

    1. I’m not familiar with BM Videoassist, but when using a Atomos Recording Monitors, the external monitor simply takes over function of the internal monitor, so you scroll through menu settings exactly the same way you always did – you simpley view them on the external monitor.

  7. Hello… I can no longer use the remote application since I upgraded my mac to catalina… SIGH. SOny Imaging edge is a piece of crap. Does NOT work. I’m so frustrated. How can I Shoot tethered to lightrrom.. do I have to go back to Canon?

    1. Capture One Pro for Sony 12.0.1 supports tethering Sony cameras with Catalina.

      In the future I strongly recommend waiting to upgrade Mac OS until they are supported.

  8. I tried to revert (superduper) but it didn’t work. All sorts of things are never going to work again. Booooo.
    Thank you for your help!

  9. Thanks for the informative article. I have a question. I want to do long term time lapse sequences. My current camera does not support an external power input so my sequences cannot extend beyond the battery life of the camera. Does the Sony take power from the USB? Can an external power supply be attached?

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