Sony NEX-5: This Small Camera is going to be HUGE!

Sony NEX-5 with 18mm/2.8 lens
Sony NEX-5 with 18mm/2.8 lens

I finally got my hands on the new Sony NEX-5 digital camera this morning, when FedEx showed up with a pre-production model. Though I saw prototypes at PMA this year, it’s shocking to hold it your hand and try to figure out how Sony was able to fit an APS sensor into such a small package. The NEX-5 has the same size sensor that’s in Sony and Nikon APS-C DSLRs and it’s actually larger than sensor in Canon 7D, yet it easily fits into the palm of your hand like a cybershot – making it the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera in the world and the first APS-C camera in the world to offer Full HD video recording with continuous auto-focus.

I love this camera because it’s small enough that I can carry around all the time. It won’t replace my DSLRs, but I can keep it with me all the time for a grab shot that I might have otherwise missed. Best of all, for street photography it allows you to shoot without attracting attention. This camera really raises the game.

Sony NEX-5
Sony NEX-5
NEX Bling Thing
Sony NEX-5 Skull Candy Remix
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  2. What an amazing camera Brian, and it’s great to see a pro really interested in the gear (they usually get a bit detached from the techy fun side of photography!?) my brick of a Cannon G10 goes with me everywhere and has actually replaced my Olympus SLR – I just wish the lens technology would get some work on these larger sensor cameras – the bodies are great, but stick a decent zoom lens on them and they are back to “need a bag for this” size :-/

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