What’s your recommendation for good reliable studio/portable lighting?

Q: I want to get into commercial (stock) photography. need a good reliable studio/portable lighting. What is your recommendation? I’m leaning to Bowens gemini 500 pro. Profoto D1 better and worth the cost? — Shervin

A: There are a lot of great choices on the market. I’ve used Profoto for years mostly because of their vast array of light modifiers (reflectors, grids and umbrellas) allow you to really shape the light. Profoto D1 are a good choice as are Profoto Acutes. I love the Acute B battery packs when there’s no place to plug in. That said, Bowens offers quite a bang for the buck. You might also check out Paul Bluff’s Einstein 640 strobes that made American Photo’s list of ’12 Tools that Changed the Rules.’ Remember, the most important thing is not what light you use, but how you use it. So to get the most out of them, learn what your lights can do.

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1 thought on “What’s your recommendation for good reliable studio/portable lighting?”

  1. Brian,
    I really admire your work, so I thought you would be a good person to get your thoughts on
    Sony. I recently purchased a Sony a850. I’m very pleased with so far. I am primarily a portrait
    photographer and I’m planning on getting 85 f1.4 CZ next. Would you recommend this lens and
    which other CZ lens would recommend?
    Best Regards,
    Phil Sheridan

    P.S. I share your admiration for Jack LaLane.

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