Godox Releases X1T-S Firmware Update V05


Godox X1T-S Firmware Update V05 for Sony includes the following:

1. To make a compensation to the TTL output value at large aperture setting.
2. To add Fn-10 in custom function settings. When setting as 01, the AF-assist function can be used on Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera (some cameras e.g. A9, A7, etc.).
3. To solve the problem that the ISO will change to 819200 from 100 when A7RM2 camera is using the high-speed continuous shooting in M mode.
4. To add Fn-11 in custom function settings, so that the customer can set RFID.

Download X1T-S Firmware Update V05 here

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19 thoughts on “Godox Releases X1T-S Firmware Update V05”

  1. Finally! It’s four years I’m asking Sony to activate the external Af-assist led light of the flash…After several years they did it partially with the good HVL F45RM flash but I find the red pattern of the Godox X1T-S less obtrusive and after two days of intensive use in dark conditions, in general more reliable (at least with my A9 and 24-70GM and distagon 35 1,4) than the Sony led light solution. I’m really grateful to Godox for addiong that new function. Next step for Godox could be to activate also the flash bean of the sony versions.

  2. The Godox firmware upgrade comes as a compressed .rar file. What software (i.e., with no malware, etc.) is safe to use to uncompress the .rar file? Where can you safely download the uncompressing software (i.e., without getting malware)? Thanks.

  3. I’ve just updated my Godox XT1S for Sony Cameras to Firmware Version 17 but I cannot find anywhere that lists what the new functions are from Function 00 to 11 – Where can I find a description of what all the functions are for?

    Also is there any chance the latest firmware will allow the built in Focus Assist Beam to work with the Sony A6000 ?

    I’ve heard it will work with the A9 or A7 Mark III – so why won’t it work with the Sony A6000, A6300, A5000, etc ?

  4. I’m trying to download the v17 firmware update file for the X1T-S but I only get a corrupted rar file that fails to unzip.
    Anyone else having the same problem? I’ve send a mail to Godox and a message to the facebook official page but I only got indifference from them

  5. I’m trying to download the v17 for the X1T-S but I can only get a corrupted rar file. Am I the only one?
    I’ve contacted Godox about it, but the never answered my…

        1. Hi, there! Thanks for reaching out. I just sent you an email via wetransfer. Let me know if you have any further issues with the folder I sent. Cheers!

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