First Price Drop on World’s Fastest SD cards: Sony SF-G 128GB UHS-II SDXC for $229


First price drop on the World’s fastest SD cards: Sony 128GB UHS-II SD Card (B&H Photo | Amazon) with Blazing Fast 300 MB/s Max Read Speed and 299 MB/s Max Write Speed are my SD cards of choice for Sony a9 and future Sony cameras. Now you can finally get them for a few bucks off…

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Sony Announces High-Speed 5G Portable Data Transmitter for Still Image & Video Transmission

Published: February 21, 2024 Sony PDT-FP1 Utilizes the Power of 5G to Enhance Professional Workflow at Live Events SAN DIEGO, Feb. 22, 2024 – Sony

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4 thoughts on “First Price Drop on World’s Fastest SD cards: Sony SF-G 128GB UHS-II SDXC for $229”

      1. They are also required by the A7r3 to hit the full 10 frames per second. I do not see a price reduction here. Same price they were at all last week unless I am getting cookie tracked or something. $108 for 64 Gig, $215 for 128 Gig…

        1. This was posted Aug 28, 2017, so prices are lower now 😉

          SF-G cards are not required in order to shoot 10 FPS on a7R III or a7 III – but they clear the buffer faster than slower cards do meaning you can shoot longer bursts at 10 FPS.

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