Sony Error: “This accessory is not supported by the device”

Q: I’m getting this error message on my Sony camera: “This accessory is not supported by the device and cannot be used. Please verify the compatibility with the device.” What does this mean and how do I fix it?

A: Assuming that you’re not actually trying to mount an unsupported accessory in the Sony Multi-Interface shoe, that error can be caused when moisture shorts out the contacts at the front of the Multi-Interface shoe. The user manual suggests that you to always keep the plastic cover on the Multi Interface Shoe unless you have a flash, microphone or other accessory in the shoe. And this is why.

There are a few ways to fix this. You can try using a hair dryer on low to dry out the contacts. A friend came up with the idea of placing a small desk lamp above the shoe (not too close) and left it there overnight. In the morning the contacts were dry and error message was gone.

Once you clear this up be certain to keep the plastic cover on the Multi Interface shoe whenever it’s not in use. If you lost yours, you can buy a replacement Sony Multi Interface Shoe Cover for around six bucks:

Sony Multi Interface Shoe Cover (Order Here)

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41 thoughts on “Sony Error: “This accessory is not supported by the device””

  1. The A6000 doesn’t even ship with a blanking slide – I purchased a third party item to avoid damage to pins which seems more potential problem than a bit of condensation..

  2. What an absolute joke from Sony. How can a camera body be ‘weather-resistant’ and have to have a stupid hot shoe attachment plugged in constantly. I’ve owned Canon bodies for years an used in elements with hot shoe exposed, never had an issue. Can Sony seriously expect users to keep a fiddly little plastic piece plugged in between using external mics, lights, flashes etc whilst in the field, they’re kidding themselves.

  3. Hi Brian, I’ve got this same message popping up on my A7Rii intermittently when I try and use a new Elinchrom EL-Skyport HS Transmitter. It works fine on my Sony A9. I think I got some moisture in the hot shoe last week while shooting at the beach in a storm. I’ve tried cleaning the contacts with alcohol and a thin strong bamboo food stick – thinnest, strongest thing I could find that fits into the multi shoe connected area, but it still keeps on happening.
    I guess I’m going to have to go and get the camera serviced and replace the hot shoe unless I can find another solution to fix it. Have you had any other people report this and offer solutions? I don’t think this is serviceable myself. Any advice welcome.

    1. Same here, I get the same error on one a9 ( two months old!) The flash mount/hotshoe needs to be redesigned if Sony wants to be considered a true pro system.

  4. I have the same problem with my A7ii. This usually happens when I am shooting in the rain, even if I keep the camera as dry as much as possible, I also make sure the cover for the hotshoe is in its proper position all the time. I keep my camera in a dry box problem will go away, but when I’m shooting in high humidity ior if there is some rain, problem recurs. Any permanent solution? Thank you

  5. Thanks Brian. The error was driving me nuts w. my a6300 two days, and I had the plastic cover. Conclusion: It was raining, and I probably got some water between the cover & contacts. 20-20 hindsight, should have use a microfiber close and/or my rocket blower to dry off the hot shoe.

  6. Hey so this is happening to mine a6000 and if it did get wet it was weeks ago can I still try drying it out or is it possible that a contact is messed up and if so can I still use it are using it with this error message going through could lead to even worse damage ? T

    1. Unfortunately it can take a few weeks for moisture to work it’s way in, but yes you can absolutely try a few things. One reader successfully used a small desk lamp to dry out the contacts on the MI shoe overnight. [You want the area slightly warm – not hot enough to melt plastic.]

  7. Just got the Profoto TTL-S and attached it to both my a9s and got the same message on both cameras. I just switched to Sony a couple of months ago and have not had these in the rain as I was aware of the hotshoe moisture issue. I have the latest firmware update. This is sad weakness on an otherwise excellent pro body. I can still use my Profoto N on all my Nikons back to the D800 and those were exposed to a nasty weather events.

    1. If it’s happening on both cameras, make certain the TTL-S is pushed in ALL the way. You have to give it a fairly firm push.

      Since you own two a9 bodies – you really should join Sony PRO Support (if you search this website you’ll find the application link). If there’s an issue with your cameras they’re the best ones to sort it out.

  8. Hi Brian,

    I pushed the air remote as far as I could to make sure it was locked in. I tested it on both my a9s and one a9 at the store all with v5 firmware. We also tested with 2 Profoto Air TTL-S remotes. No luck. We tested both Air Remotes with Sony a7iii (pre-v3 firmware) and it worked properly. No error message.

    1. Just tested two different Air TTL-S on Sony a9 FW 5.00 and they work perfectly.

      After updating the firmware is it possible you forgot to set this?

      Menu > Setup 1 > Flash (10/13) > Wireless Flash > On

  9. I have the same problem with a Sony a6000. Recently hiking in 40° and noticed my sweat was all over the top of the camera. Nice.
    A few hours later, error messages started. For a few days, camera unusable unless turn off and remove battery between every shot.
    After a week of non-use, picked up the camera and it worked. OK for a day or two, but then the problem returned.
    Read somewhere that turning off Front Curtain Shutter may help – so tried it and camera works. For how long? Who knows?!
    May be getting close to replacement time, I think. It’s done five years and has had some rough treatment. Will get another a6000 – and if the next one also lasts 5 years, based on the new price on Amazon that will work out at less than 2 quid a week, which is not bad, really.

    1. Sweat on the top of the camera is likely the culprit.

      Whenever you’re not using a flash or mic, it’s extremely important to keep the hotshoe cover in place to keep moisture off the contacts at the front of the multi-interface shoe.

      The error message message appears whenever they’ve gotten wet.

      If you lost your flash shoe cover, you can purchase replacement covers from B&H Photo or Amazon.

      1. Thank you for your reply.
        The hotshoe cover is back in place – and will stay there permanently (I think the MF hotshoe contacts are damaged, as the camera no longer recognizes a compatible flash). Used the camera this morning with no significant problems
        Was going to get a replacement a6000, which is now on offer for less than €400, which is astonishing value, but I see there are rumors (!) of possible new apsc bodies. Either way, it’s possible the current camera will become a back-up (or reserved for use in brutal conditions).
        Thanks again for your comments,

  10. yogie Harsakusumah

    I have the same problem with my A7R3. this happens when i am shooting on the beach. How the camera like this (pro and expensive) can easily have problems because a little splash of water. I began to doubt having chosen Sony.

  11. That’s gotta be the my most hated Sony’s feature, that damn hot shoe is so delicate! I keep the cover taped to it.

  12. I had the same problem with rx1r. I tried several suggestions but nothing workd. Finaly I found the solution that the camera doesn’t accept newest model of SD card

  13. I have the Sony XDCAM HD video camera, model PXW-X70 and it was giving me the same exact message as other users stated above. We called and rebooted the camera and other processes and nothing worked. After reading the above posts it got us thinking. The PXW-X70 has a removable XLR handle unit. We recently had been a humid environment, but thought nothing of it. When we read the post about using a hair dryer to dry the contacts, we thought we would give it a try. We pulled the XLR handle unit off and put the hair dryer to it for several minutes and then reconnected everything. Whatdaya know! Worked perfectly and the error message has not appeared since then.

  14. Great info! Thank you for the answer. I experienced this problem for the first time in a light rain and was concerned it might be more serious.

  15. Hey Brian is there anyway it could be getting caused by the accessory not communicating properly? I have a Profoto air remote and it’s intermittently communicating, most annoying part is the error message continually throwing me out of menus and framing. I’ve placed it on a second camera and it seems to have no error issue, but as soon as it’s back on the a7riv it throws the message. It communicates with a Sony on camera flash without issues or error message. It’s only when air remote is plugged in.

    1. The pins on the AirRemote and contacts on the multi terminal pins are pretty delicate. Since it’s only happening on one camera body, that’s likely the issue.

  16. Having the same problem with my RX10. vaccum, hair dryer and put under the table lamp light& the msg is still there.

  17. I have this issue too, on an a73, just over two years old. It also seems to result in exposure compensation issues – it gets locked at +1/3 or +2/3, which is especially annoying!

    It only appears in humid environments. I’ve never taken off the hotplate shoe. When I’m back in a dry/arid climate, it’s fine.

    Now I’m back in a humid environment for the next few weeks, it’s back again. Just tried the hair drier trick and it seems to have worked fine. No error messages and no issues with exposure comp for now. But as I don’t own a hairdryer… it’s kind of an inconvenient fix if it comes back!

    It’s especially a shame as my Sony is just back from a separate repair to the IBIS that cost a small fortune ($400+), as it turns out it’s all one unit, so the sensor had to be replaced too! It was checked over for future potential issues, to make sure it was worth the investment. And then this happens a week later )-:

    Looks like I will need a new camera… but loathe to buy another Sony if this is a relatively common complaint, along with the other issues I’ve had. Love my Tamron 28-75/Sony 85 1.8, so it would be a shame to say goodbye to the system.

    1. I’ve never had to do anything more than leave the hotshoe cover in place and I live in humid Miami, but if you’re shooting in a rain forrest you might try a small piece of gaffer tape on top of the hotshoe cover.

  18. My Sony A7iii is not connecting to my new K3M. First the mic jack goes out on the Sony and now this hot shoe connection isn’t working… tried the blow dryer method but it didn’t work. I live in Mexico.. where should I send my camera for repair.

    1. Sorry to hear that, Paul. If audio is out in both the mic jack and MI shoe check the Menu to make certain Audio Recording is ON. If that got switched to OFF, that would disable audio recording.

      If not, moisten a small brush with alcohol and gently brush that over to pins at the front of the MI shoe to see if there’s any light debris you can dislodge.

      If neither of those do the trick, you should send the camera to a Sony repair center in Mexico. If you’re a professional photographer, you should look into Sony Imaging PRO Support

  19. Raymond Kamstra

    The point is that even with the hot shoe cover in place, ‘still moisture can get inside..

    I’ve had it happen multiple times
    ..Covered the hot-shoe as told, but still moisture got inside, didn’t even use it in poring rain.. just few drops..

    The problem lies in the small little gap on top towards the front of the hot-shoe… if you look closely, you can look straight at the electronic contact points..
    The hot-shoe cover doesn’t get in far enough to close that small gap as well.

    To me that is a BIG design flaw, which has been there in every new Alpha camera… even the costly a7s3 and Alpha One..

  20. Hi Ryan, I am having the same issue with these Rode Wireless Go II mics on the A7IV. The function is disabled, the shoe mount is saying it needs to be attached properly when it is. I am really struggling with important interviews coming up tomorrow.

  21. I had the same issue with my Sony a6100. The hair Dryer trick worked for me. Don’t know how long it will work.

  22. I also had the same message popping up… But when I click OK and try to click, the flash is working fine… Only this message is popping up when ever I switch the Camera ON…
    My Camera is Sony a7iii…
    Is it an issue, or it will be solved automatically???

    1. No, this indicates moisture is in the MI shoe shorting out the contacts. It won’t just fix itself, but you can try to dry the contacts as explained in the post. Be sure to keep the plastic cover on the MI shoe whenever it’s not in use to prevent moisture from getting onto the contacts.

  23. Seems like the image files saved when this happens are also corrupted? Anyway to recover the files? they seem to be full size files. but capture one doesn’t seem to read the .arw.

    1. This error strictly refers to communication failures between external devices in the Multi-Interface Shoe. It also occurs when the contacts get wet.

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