EasyCover Silicone Protection Cover for Sony a9


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18 thoughts on “EasyCover Silicone Protection Cover for Sony a9”

    1. Unlike Sony a9, a7R III doesn’t have a Drive/Focus Mode Dial on the top left side. While this cover might fit, it might be wise to wait for an a7R III easyCover without that cutout.

        1. I take it back, David. I just checked the easyCover website and they list this model as compatible with both a9 & a7R III. This leads me to believe they will not be making another model with that Drive/Focus Mode Dial cut-out filled in.

  1. Alfonso Bresciani

    Brian do you think this will still work for the a9II not that the grip is deeper? I pre ordered 2 a9II and this time I would like to have them protected just for resell value. The two a9s that I have they pretty beat up!

  2. Hi Brian,
    I am Robert, I do have a Sony a9 with the battery expansion, will this protection go on whilst I have my battery expansion grip on as I use that all of the time.
    I previously had a different silicon cover that did not work whilst I had the battery expansion grip on and therefore had to remove the silicon cover – a bit annoying!

      1. That is a shame, considering the changes and development with cameras and extra battery compartments, the only use these silicon covers have is without the use of the extra capacity grip to house extra batteries.

        I had also checked with the manufacture and they were very helpfull and also stated that they will not be making them – maybe no one uses the extra grip!!

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