DxOmark Sensor Tests Rate Sony a7R V a Perfect 100

Published: June 12, 2023


Hardly a surprise, DxOmark tests rate Sony a7R V 61.2 MP full-frame BSI CMOS sensor a perfect 100

“As the latest iteration, the Sony A7R V has too many improvements to list here, but even looking at the headline features, the fifth-generation model with its new AF system and improved sensor shift is certainly a potent and hugely capable camera. The adoption of the same full-frame 61.2 MP BSI CMOS sensor as its predecessor however wasn’t entirely unexpected. While there are a few differences in the sensor output in terms of color depth and dynamic range at various ISO settings, the modifications are marginal. At $3,899/€ 4,500 body only, the price has crept upwards from the Sony A7R IV at launch, but that’s not unexpected in these turbulent times. As the most refined and accomplished in the series, the Sony A7R V model remains a compelling choice at this level.”

-DxO Mark

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2 thoughts on “DxOmark Sensor Tests Rate Sony a7R V a Perfect 100”

  1. I can believe it! First I have the A7Rii (’17) and is great for both day and Astro Milky Way. In ’17 I went to Az. Antelope Canyon where when I left my camera plate to tripod and found that Bracketing 3 @ +/- 2ev (as a onscene test) worked in the high contrast Canyon, then to Grand Canyon super sharp to the far side from the south walkway even did great/sharp sunrise/sets at 5 +/- 2EV even doing a night shot that captured the depth and colors with white stars but colorful atmosphere gas glow also with bracketing and captured the vertical MW with low noise. Second I got the A7Riv that I was able to capture bees flying around peach blossoms as close ups doing cropping but help with the APS-C mode getting closer like. Third the A7V not only got great Milky Ways with pin point stars while the local beach with city glow north and south but AWB captured the Yin and Yang colors of Pegasus. Not a birder I discovered a rookery in a city park and using bird eye autofocus captured Egrets in flight using fast Hi as well as Mid during three weeks got building of nests with Egrets flying with limbs in beaks, Babies hatching, crying for food as well as being feed also capturing the multi-colored Heron with a snow white under belly in flight as well as getting food but it stays closer to shore and in heavy brush. You may say anyone can. But did with sun at high noon and with white birds was able to adjust the +/- dial to neg to rid zebras even past the 3EV at times, the kicker is I got some dark images but in post brought images back to normal but with sharp feather detail. Being able to crop getting closer images with two or three nests side by side all in focus getting three images in one capture. Another is the Eye AF got babies eyes so good you would think you could reach out and touch and even with limbs or vegetation between with the eyes focused sharp as well as body. I was using the updated firmware FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS + 2X teleconverter along with new camera update doing captures’ 100 to 200 yards away but images looking like standing right in front of nests or using drone flying right in front of a bird. Doing flights handheld and nests on sticks. Lastly the bokeh in background and yes small DOF got fore and aft blur that was colorful to boot. I think Sony discovered the highest pixel needed is 61MP. The hardest thing is all the ways of AF, also read a detailed book on the camera to prepare for a capture!

    1. I’m certain this should come as no surprise to you, Ed. Yet there are always skeptics who aren’t convinced simply because they’ve never tried the cameras for themselves.

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