Drew Geraci Tests Sony a7R III for “Star Eater”

Drew Geraci Tests Sony a7R III for

Sony a7R III | Sony FE 16-35 F 2.8 GM lens | 10 sec (top) 3.2 sec (bottom) | ISO 12,800 | (Click to Enlarge)

Good news for Astrophotographers, Drew Geraci’s “Star Eater” tests of Sony a7R III found that no stars disappeared between 3.2 sec and 10 sec exposures! Sony a7R III won’t eat your stars…

Quoting Drew:

“Very Excited to share this side by side comparison of the A7RIII (full production model) shooting Astrophotography at 3.2″ and 10″ at ISO 12,800 utilizing the Sony 16-35mm GM lens. As you can see in the side by side comparison, with ALL noise reduction turned off in the main menu, you can easily see that all stars are present and accounted for when blown up at 100% resolution. The star-eater is no more.”


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3 thoughts on “Drew Geraci Tests Sony a7R III for “Star Eater””

  1. I have been using both the A7S and A7RM2 with no problems using 10,12, 16mm. Those with the problem are doing panos at a 25% coverage. Also the Post Program, LR does something to get rid of dead and hot pixels upon import (and the most used program with PS). With Capture One and now Aurora I get more stars. Also I shoot with Noise Control ON, yes ON, with no problem all the way to 50 seconds with the Voigtlander 10mm. Also with the Mark 2’s and 3’s there is the option of bright monitoring that gives a different capture brightness to start with but way better without using it. With Bright Monitoring you get an dark night image like you get the A7S with the A7RM2. What needs to be talked about more is Bright Monitoring and ISO Invariance both for night shots. Just learn and know your gear and your programs. Want to get rid of blue stars use C1!!!!!

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