Do You Always Have a Camera With You?

Q: Do you always have a camera with you? Even if you are running out the store? Or do you only shoot when you have an assignment?

A: Well, now that an iPhone is considered camera category, I’d have to say yes I do. Beyond that I tend to either take along a Cybershot or Sony’s sweet little compact Sony NEX-5 with me when I don’t want to carry something bigger. Here’s what I’m talking about. The most surreal experience I’ve ever had was walking onto the red carpet at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner between Marlon Wayans and Adrian Grenier. Given the company, it’s an enormous understatement to say that no one was there to see me. But it did give me an opportunity to see things from a different point of view. So with my handy and discreet Cybershot I captured the red carpet the way the stars see it.

Celebrity portrait photography of Marlon Wayans on the red carpet

Mingling with the stars is best done without calling attention to yourself. Instead of a big camera and flash, my tiny Cybershot was just the thing to snap a couple frames of Tracy Morgan looking all Presidential in The New Yorker’s hospitality suite. As the saying goes, the best camera you can own is the one you actually have with you.

celebrity portrait photography of Tracy Morgan

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