Discover What’s New in Capture One Pro 20!

Published: December 4, 2019


Capture One Pro 20 is Packed with New Features!

Noise Reduction

Improved noise reduction, start your editing with better quality images.

Basic Color Editor

Edit colors faster with a new Basic Color Editor that’s compact and easy to use. Click anywhere on the photo and drag to adjust the hue, saturation and lightness of any colors – or edit with intuitive sliders. For more control, the Advanced Color Editor and Skin Tone tools are as powerful as ever.

High Dynamic Range Tool

Do more with contrast and tone thanks to the new High Dynamic Range tool. Recover photo – all in one tool.

Crop Tool

Save up to 50% of your keystrokes when sorting images – enable “switch to next” to Easily visualize and transform your crops thanks to the visible handles in the new Crop tool. Instantly crop from the center, rotate the crop or lock the aspect ratio using modifier keys.

Image Culling

automatically switch to the next photo when you rate or tag. Works with sets so you can easily review multiple images at the same time and manage big projects in a snap.

Scrolling Tools

Work quickly and intuitively – scroll through all your tools with ease and pin your favorites to the top for instant access.

Copy Layers and Masks

Easily copy specific layers between photos – including photos with different formats and sizes – without replacing the existing layers on the destination photo.

Support for DNG

Get the most accurate colors and sharpest details out of any camera model, drone or smartphone capturing DNG files.


Make a big difference to your workflow with small updates. We’ve added text to the icons so you can find tools instantly, made Masking tools easy to access and simplified the adjustments clipboard. Plus, get higher resolution thumbnails and adjust the viewer background color with one click

Keyboard shortcuts

Edit faster with new default shortcuts for zoom, full screen, Focus Mask and much more. Plus, customize the shortcuts further to create your ideal workflow.

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2 thoughts on “Discover What’s New in Capture One Pro 20!”

  1. Copying individual layers will help a lot. Must say though that the previous layer copying (overwriting) routine lead to several creative “mistakes.” My big question prior to download is can I now have a hotkey to switch between workspaces..?

  2. Capture One has been a real solid product for years, and I myself have been using it since 2014 as one of the tools I use to process and manage my images, and I have never been shy to recommend it.

    Alas, PhaseOne seems to be taking the line “Greed is Good” and jacking the price/cost to use the software. In my case it cost me less than $50 USD per year from 2014 to 2018. Now the options are subscription (same BS as Adobe is doing) at approx $102 annually, or a NON-perpetual license of $200 USD, and then a more costly upgrade of $114 UD every time you want to update it.

    Dear PhaseOne, if you want people to switch from LR to C1, you have to differentiate yourself from Adobe, and don’t be so greedy. Right now you have increased my cost to use your software more than 200% annually.

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