Cool Gear: K5600 HMI in Daylight + Tungsten

K5600 rolled out their cool new HMI lights that offer an easy change from Daylight to Tungsten balance with a simple change of a bulb. These 200 watt lights will be available in both K5600’s current Joker bug line along with a really sweet new compact Fresnel housing. Two light kits are expected to sell for around $3500 when they begin shipping this summer. And yes, you can mix and match.

HMI’s are 4-5 times more efficient so 200 watt HMIs offer the equivalent output of 800-1000 watt tungsten bulbs. Also check out K5600 new Zoom Beamer reflector for their 1600 HMI Joker and their new and improved ballasts. I love the versatility of looks you can get out of their really clever design.

Here’s a look at a celebrity portrait shoot using K5600 on The X Factor.

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