Chain Reaction: A Story in Four Images

Here’s a Sony Make.Believe video called ‘Chain Reaction: A Story in Four Images.’ In this video, I join my fellow Sony Artisans of Imagery Matthew Jordan Smith, Cristina Mittermeier and David McLain to share our creative process. We tell a story one image at a time as each of us interprets the previous photograph to advance our story. Give it a look and see where you can take it next.

As the final photographer in the ‘Chain Reaction’ I shot the Miami Mermaids with Sony’s RX1 out on South Beach. As a Miami photographer, I figured that there’s nothing you can do on South Beach to draw a second look. It’s a place that seen it’s all. But it turns out that photographing a pair of mermaids might just be the exception to that…

Brian Smith Shoots Sony Make.Believe campaign


Sony RX1 Camera
Profoto Acute 600B
Profoto Softlight Reflector White


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    1. Brian Smith Pictures hired an entire platoon of interns to blast the social media airways with every minute detail of Brian Smith’s life. Unfortunately, on their first day on the job they discovered they were on SOUTH BEACH and they have never been seen again. Henceforth all misspellings, grammatical errors, ravings and lame jokes are purely those of the proprietor.

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