Capture One 10.2.1 Adds Sony a7R III, RX10 IV & RX0 Raw Support


Great news for Capture One users who pre-ordered Sony a7R III, Capture One update 10.2.1 adds Sony a7R III, RX10 IV & RX0 Raw Support!

This is a service release containing new cameras and lenses, new OS support (official macOS 10.13 and Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition) and critical bug fixes.

10.2.1 Camera Support:

    • Sony a7R III
    • Sony RX10 IV
    • Sony RX0

10.2.1 Lens Profile Support:

    • Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS (SEL100400GM)

This update also includes 10.2 Lens Profile Support:

    • Sony E 18-200 mm F3.5-6.3 OSS LE (SEL18200LE)
    • Sony FE 12-24mm f4 G (SEL1224G)
    • Sony FE 16-35mm f2.8 GM (SEL1635GM)
    • Sony Vario-Sonnar T DT 16-80 mm F3.5-4.5 ZA (SAL1680Z)

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7 thoughts on “Capture One 10.2.1 Adds Sony a7R III, RX10 IV & RX0 Raw Support”

  1. Do you know if Capture will support a7riii tethering?
    I’m really hoping Sony doesn’t force it’s customers into using their new tethering software. :/

  2. Pingback: RAW Support for Sony a7R III

  3. Hi,
    Any idea why sony tether is so slow and backs up when shooting lots of frames… you could make the argument of usb 2.0 but I’ve used many canon and nikons with 2.0 that keep up much better than the sony.. Im talking about the a7r2 and the a9
    mac os 10.11.6 c1pro 10.1
    Makes it tough when clients are over your shoulder wondering why its so slow to render and even worse waiting several minutes after the last frame is taken to get all the images in….. also unsettling to me…. hoping all do come in. I will say I used it for 2 days on A catalog shoot and didn’t loose tether or lock up once…. as is the case with Canon and nikon for me……
    I tried the sony software today with an a6300 and it was much slower than c1pro
    I talked to a lot of other LA digi techs and none have used Sony!
    Chris Monberg

    1. USB 3.1 Type C was one of the major improvements introduced in a7R III. All previous cameras used USB 2.0 to tether. The change took a lot of lobbying but we got it done.

  4. I just purchased a Sony 7RII. My computer operating system is a Mac Yosemite 10.10.5. Due to other digital camera requirements I cannot upgrade my computer.
    What software can be used for raw image files?

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