CamFi Announces Focus Stacking Support for Sony a7 III & a7R III

Published: September 4, 2018

CamFi Focus Stacking Support for Sony a7 III & a7R III

CamFi has announced Sony a7 III and a7R III Focus Stacking Support for their CamFi CF102 and CamFi Pro wireless camera controllers

Press Release:

GUANGDONG, CHINA—AUGUST 30, 2018—CamFi, maker of wireless camera controllers, today announced that it is adding the focus stacking feature for Sony a7 iii and Sony a7 riii cameras. This feature is part of the company’s latest upgrade to their app. Both of CamFi CF102 and CamFi Pro now support focus stacking.

“The latest Sony cameras are really good,” said Mark Ma, CEO of CamFi. “The new features of these two cameras can significantly improve a photographer’s productivity. We hope Sony will add these features by upgrading the firmware to their other cameras as well. Many photographers can benefit from it.”

The focus stacking lets photographers shoot an object from near to far automatically. It does not limit the number of steps taken, as long as the lens can support it. It is an important feature for micro photography and real estate photography.

The new CamFi update also adds a touch focus feature, which allows the user to touch the mobile or tablet screen to set the proper focus. Manual focus is also supported. The photographer can use the >,>>,>>> buttons on the app to adjust the focus precisely. The photographer can also use “zoom in” and “zoom out” to check focus on the large tablet screen. The speed of bracketing is improved as well. The interval between each shot has been reduced from the original 4 seconds to 2 seconds.

CamFi CF102 Wireless Camera Controller (Available for $129 from Amazon)
CamFi Pro Wireless Camera Controller (Available for $299 from Amazon)

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19 thoughts on “CamFi Announces Focus Stacking Support for Sony a7 III & a7R III”

  1. Just a note. The product is certainly poorly reviewed on Amazon. Really hoping for good focus stacking, I’m really thinking of switching back to the Nikon D850. The focus stacking feature there is wonderful!

    1. I bought the camfi to make focus stacking with my sony A7rIII and honestly I wouldn’t do it again, their app is full of bugs and it takes ages to have everything connected and working (when it finally works). I now prefer to use my computer with sony imaging edge remote when i need to shoot focus stacking.

  2. I can tip on the Sony RMT-P1BT remote that is excellent to do stacking with.
    How? well just put the camera on manual focus (not on the lens as that doesn’t work) Aim and set initial focus. Take first shot, then just tap quickly on either the + or – button (depending where you started the initial focus) and it moves the focus a very smal bit and repeat.
    All needed is a tripod (well the camera, AF FE lens, subject and remote + lightning if needed like flashes or several LEDs etc ofc)
    Cheap and dirty and the remote is great for other tasks as well.

    Ok, if you need hundreds of shots on the subject this isn’t the best method but otherwise it actually works.

    1. That is extremely interesting! I have to try this, I just hope the link between the remote and the camera is done very quick, the camfi works quite ok, but the connection is annoying to do, sometimes is just doesn’t work, or it takes too long, i just stopped using it and use the sony’s remote software. Thank you!

      1. Once you done it according to the manual it’s instant.
        I always have it on, on the camera and (USB Remote) and only turn On / Off the remote only and no delay, not that I can say anyway.
        Have used it now and then, perhaps 50 times and so far nothing of a sort of aproblem. No miss-function, reconnect etc. at least with my a7R III, haven’t got my R IV yet but should be the same.

    2. Thanks for the tip! I tried to use the remote control, every press of the + or – button the variation is very very little. Suitable on some situations but often biggest moved of focus is required. No way to set the step of focus moviment?

  3. Robert Peticolas

    I just don’t understand why Sony has not included focus stacking, at least on their newer cameras. Both Canon and Nikon now have native focus stacking in their cameras. If that does not change soon, my next camera will not be a Sony.

    1. Sony has been concentrating on innovating – not copying what others have done. Sony Engineers added LOTS of user requests to a7R IV. Focus Stacking moved up the list as many other more requested features were checked off the list.

    2. Unfortunately, I have the same problem. I don’t understand why Sony doesn’t allow this function on their cameras. Unfortunately, I have been searching the internet for a manual for days and have not found anything useful. I need this function for my exam and have to resort to other manufacturers.

      1. Robert Peticolas

        Yes, now that Nikon has gone mirrorless, I am planning to transition to their Z7ii. The focus stacking works brilliantly, even in dark astro-landscape work, although there are sometimes shots past infinity you can discard. Hard to believe I need to change camera systems because Sony doesn’t want to write 200 lines of code!

  4. Robert Peticolas

    Some people call it “copying.” Others of us call it “keeping up.” Hope they decide to keep up soon.

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