Behind-the-scenes look at Brian Smith’s photo shoots filled with all the juicy details about Hollywood A-list celebrities

Linda Troeller in the House

On her last visit to Florida, my friend, fine art photographer Linda Troeller stopped by our house with the husband Lothar. I’d promised Linda that I would shoot a portrait of her for her new book. Somehow, by the end of the night, Lothar was looking quite Grace Jones…

So…Did You Meet the President?

After mentioning that I went to Washington. D.C. with the Creative Coalition to take my book ‘Art & Soul’ to Capitol Hill to lobby for support of the arts, everyone asks the same question, “So…did you meet the President?” Unfortunately the answer to that is no. Though it’s true that President Barak Obama received copy …

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Photographing a Living Legend

I grew up in the days before fitness gurus were everywhere you looked, in those days when fitness could be summed up in just three words…Jack…La…Lanne… When I was growing up I start off each day watching “The Jack La Lanne Show” before heading off to school. As a portrait photographer, there is nothing cooler …

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