Just Announced: Atomos AtomX SDI Module for Ninja V

Atomos announced the AtomX SDI Module ($199 from B&H Photo) for their Ninja V 5″ Monitor/Recorder which allows recording and output of 4K60 video over a 12G-SDI connection. The module docks in the modular expansion port, located in the Ninja’s battery slot, and has two user-configurable 12G-SDI ports.

Originally an HDMI-only device, the addition of the SDI module allows the Ninja V to support professional-grade cameras that require the professional-grade connection in addition to its HDMI ports. It will also support 4K at up to 60p and 2K at up to 240p.

The AtomX provides numerous playback options including HDR. The AtomX passes power from an L-series battery to your Ninja V without significantly increasing the footprint of your Ninja V.

Order Atomos AtomX SDI Module from B&H Photo
Order Atomos Ninja V 5″ Monitor/Recorder from B&H Photo | Amazon

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5 thoughts on “Just Announced: Atomos AtomX SDI Module for Ninja V”

  1. Hi Brian, I bought a ninja V a few days ago. Having heard about the SdI module, I wanted to use it with my FS5II. I read on the web that it only supports video signals from the SDI socket and not the FS Raw signal that the FS5II emits. There are news about it. If so, I will return it. Excuse me if my English language is not very well. Thank you.

  2. I am very disappointed; It doesn’t make much sense to create an external SDI module that only supports video signals and no raw signals. The ninja v with the sdi module would have been a “must” for the fS5II, especially if it could have recorded 4k60p and HD240p from the sdi socket; shogun inferno is a little too big. Patience, I will send back the ninja v. I will write to Atomos asking for more info; many people like me have bought a ninja v as soon as they found out that the sdi module would be released. Thanks for the answer!

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