Adobe Muse – Web Design without Coding

Website design has never been easier than with Muse, new software currently in beta from Adobe.

Adobe Muse promises to allow users to ‘create websites as easily as you can create layouts for print’. You can design and publish HTML websites without writing code or working within restrictive templates, with functionality similar to InDesign.

Features will include drag and drop customizable widgets like navigation menus; embedded HTML code snippets from sources including Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook; and the ability to create Adobe-hosted trial sites for testing and review purposes.

Download the beta version of Adobe Muse.

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2 thoughts on “Adobe Muse – Web Design without Coding”

  1. A humble start to what will probably become landmark software.
    Licensing will be through subscription only. A great feature for those who will use it daily but a downer for those of us that, after the build, will only use it for maintenance, updates and freshening once a month, or so.

  2. When I embarked upon building my very first site several years ago, I thought it would be as easy as laying out all the elements on a page. Of course, I was wrong. I’m glad somebody is finally making it that easy.

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