Adobe Lightroom Classic 10.0 Adds Sony a7C, a7S III Raw Support, Color Grading and More!

Adobe Lightroom Classic 10.0 Adds Sony a7S III Raw Support

Adobe Lightroom Classic 10.0 Update will go live Today at 12:15 PM ET adding raw support for Sony a7C & a7S III, along with performance improvements and new controlled color grading adjustments for shadows, midtones and highlights.

Lightroom Classic’s new color grading tool allows users to control the color separately in shadows, midtones and highlights, or adjust the color of your entire image with a global control. The Color Grading panel replaces Split Toning and offers additional control overall color or you can adjust hue, saturation and luminance by moving the point in each color wheel and you can further restrict wheel movement to control Saturation or Hue adjustments separately.

Adobe Lightroom Classic 10.0 Adds Color Grading

The Color Grading panel also includes Blending and Balance sliders. The Blending slider ‘adjusts the amount of overlap between the shadows and highlights.’ The Balance slider balances the effect of sliders between highlights, midtones and shadows.

Lightroom Classic version 10 includes performance improvements for faster editing when using brushes and gradients when GPU acceleration is enabled. Further, the new version delivers faster scrolling through the Library Grid, Folders and Collections, particularly for users with large catalogs.

When using the Loupe, Compare and Reference views in Lightroom, there is improved control over zoom levels with new Scrubby zoom and Box zoom options. Scrubby Zoom can be used while dragging your move left or right while pressing the Shift key. This is only available when GPU acceleration is enabled.

Box Zoom is available in Library and Develop modules by pressing Ctrl on Windows or Command on macOS while drawing a box with your cursor. The Navigator panel has been updated as well, it now offers Fit/Fill, 100% and Zoom percent options from 6% to 1600%.

Lightroom Classic 10.0 includes new camera and lens profile support for Sony a7C, Sony a7S III, Fujifilm X-S10 and Panasonic Lumix S5 and lens profiles for additional Sigma lenses and Voigtlander lenses. Full list of Supported cameras and supported lenses.

When you update Lightroom Classic to the latest version, you will be prompted to upgrade your catalog. When doing so, a new feature will allow you to control the name of your catalog. To learn more about the new features in Adobe Lightroom Classic version 10.0, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom Classic 10.0 Adds Sony a7C, a7S III Raw Support, Color Grading and More!”

  1. What about importing from SD card Playmemories does but raws are turned to the right (portrait view) in pc explorer. Lr, ON1, or C1 does not see on SD card.
    Will good support come soon, almost 9 months old, how are other importing. I saw your comment in DPreview apple is slow.
    sorry to bother

  2. Wow! Ok did not know that could be done, AFTER all these years!!! Just a note, went out last night with the A7S iii to do some Astro MW and doing panos in portrait the LCD is perfect tilts down and you look right at. Also the Bright Monitoring is perfect for setting up a shot and believe it or not you can see the MW almost as clear as day so you can get lined up without a shot first. The 1224 f/2.8 allows for lower ISO it is so bright (not using BM’ing). There needs to be more videos and articles on stills and low light, night, and astrol. With Topaz Gigapixel the 12MP can be made a 200MP in just a few minutes!

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