Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw updates add Sony a7r IV, RX100 VII, FE 600 Lens Support

Published: August 13, 2019

Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw updates add Sony a7r IV, RX100 VII, FE 600 Lens Support

The latest Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw August 2019 Updates add Sony a7r IV, RX100 VII preliminary Raw Support and lens profiles for Sony FE 600 f/4 GM & FE 200-600 f/5.6-6.3 G lenses including profiles for both lenses with the FE 1.4X and FE 2X teleconverters.

GPU Support Accelerates Image Editing

In addition, you can now use the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) of your system for image editing in Lightroom Classic. Previously, GPU usage was primarily utilized for display but the new release gives you an additional option to turn on the GPU for image processing. With this added support, you will experience smoother and enhanced performance for overall image-editing processes. To enable this option, do the following:

• In Lightroom Classic, navigate to Edit > Preferences > Performance (Windows) or Lightroom Classic > Preferences > Performance (macOS).

• In Camera Raw section, select Custom from the Use Graphics Processor drop-down menu.

• Select Use GPU for image processing.

Organize Collections with Color Labels

In the Collections panel in Library module, you can organize your library by adding a color label to the collections, collection sets, and smart collections. This is a great way to stay organized and quickly differentiate between collections.

• In the Collections panel, select one or more collections and right-click (Windows) or Control-click (macOS) to bring up the context-menu.

• From the context-menu, choose Add Color Label to Collection and then select any color from the sub menu.

Color labels can now also be renamed for folders and collections. Previous version of Lightroom only supported renaming color labels for images. To edit the color labels, go to Metadata > Color Label Set > Edit.

PNG Export Support

You can now export images in the PNG file format. Importing PNG files have been supported in previous Lightroom versions.

Batch Merge HDR and Panoramas

Merging group of HDRs or panoramas is more efficient. Rather than merging each group of images one by one, you can merge a batch of grouped images at once. First, combine each image group into a stack. Then select the stacks, right-click and select the appropriate merge option – HDR or Panorama. This will create an HDR or panorama for each stack.

Improved Library Module Performance

Experience performance improvements in Library module, specially while working with Folder panel.

Index number in Filmstrip

Index numbers are now included in the filmstrip so you can easily refer to your images in Loupe view. This is especially helpful when reviewing collections with peers or clients.

To turn off index numbers in the filmstrip, go to Preferences > Interface > Filmstrip and deselect the Show Index Number check box.

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11 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw updates add Sony a7r IV, RX100 VII, FE 600 Lens Support”

      1. Ofc, you are right!
        Got confused when ACC app said “update” on both PS CC and Camera RAW, and updating PS CC actually updated CR, and perhaps some minor things on PS CC only as the version-number didn’t change.

  1. Arthur P. Johnson

    Brian, do you intend to use the a7r IV in your portrait studio? I recently saw a video from Manny Ortiz who said that, although he liked the new camera, he didn’t intend to change from the a7III cameras that he currently uses for his portrait work. I wasn’t able to tell whether he was deterred by cost or by the additional amount of detail produced by the a7r IV—but it puzzled me. Personally I have ore-ordered the new camera. What are your own intentions?

    1. I’ve ordered three a7R IV including one that I’ll immediately convert to B&W Infrared. I plan to use them not just for portraits – but all my work.

      I can’t speak for Manny, but it’s hard NOT to see the difference in the resolution and the updates hardly stop there. Everything from AF to camera build and usability is greatly improved.

  2. I ordered one too, to mainly become my “action” camera for long teles and macro etc.
    One thing that puzzels me is:
    “The a7R IV camera uses the same front-end LSI and Bionz X processor as the a7R III” From their own statements and also preview

    How come the a7R III doesn’t have Real-Time Tracking then???

  3. Kind of funny, my order of the a7R IV and the battery-grip was supposed to arrive mid-end of September but now I got the grip, but no camera to put it on.

    I really really hope that the camera also will arrive within a week or so and not at the end of September…

  4. I can’t get my photos from my Sony a6400 to download onto my laptop. I have Lightroom and photoshop. What do I do to get these pictures downloaded?

    1. !. Create a Folder on your Desktop or External Hard Drive where you want the images to be stored. I have a folder called “2019” as my destination folder in which I create subfolders called 19_JobName.

      2. Insert your SD card into a SD card reader or connect the camera using the USB cord supplied with your camera.

      3. Look for an Icon on your desktop called “Untitled”. Click on it and open the DCIM folder and then any subfolders within DCIM (by default, this will be 100MSDCF) and drag all the image files inside of these subfolder into the folder you created in Step 1.

      4. Wait for the image files to copy.

      5. Drag that folder onto the Adobe Lightroom (Classic) icon on your dock to import them into Lightroom – or navigate to the folder in the Lightroom Import Window if you prefer to do it that way.

      It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it and you’ll always know where to find your photos

  5. Do you have steps for converting the Sony A7R IV ARW files into PNG or another format to import into LR6?

    1. You’d have to convert to DNG using the latest version of Adobe DNG Converter…or just pay for Lightroom Classic CC…

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