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Port-au-Prince, Haiti lies a mere 700 miles off the coast of Florida. Yet it remains a world away as time seems to spin in different direction than the rest of the Western Hemisphere. I hope these images capture the enduring spirit of the Haitian people, the beauty that exists throughout the chaos and my wishes for a better tomorrow.

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Nepal Holi Man in KathmanduTRAVELS: KATHMANDU

Visit Kathamdu and spend a few peaceful moments relaxing with portraits the Holi Men of Nepal and alongside photographs of their ancient temples. See why nothing is more energizing to a portrait photographer than making friends out of strangers and capturing their wonderful faces as a way to remember the good time spent together.

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Instagram iPhone photography of my travels around the world. This gallery features my favorite Instagram images from my travel to Rajasthan, Delhi, Santorini, St Maarten, Athens and Istanbul through my favorite iPhone app. Come along for the ride.

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