How do you Light?

Q: I am in love with your Anne Hathaway photo. Is the beauty dish really the only light source in this shot or is there reflector fill underneath? I’m amazed at how even the light is on her face. A: What’s not to love about Anne Hathaway? She’s a dream to photograph and she has …

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What’s your recommendation for good reliable studio/portable lighting?

Q: I want to get into commercial (stock) photography. need a good reliable studio/portable lighting. What is your recommendation? I’m leaning to Bowens gemini 500 pro. Profoto D1 better and worth the cost? — Shervin A: There are a lot of great choices on the market. I’ve used Profoto for years mostly because of their …

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Cool Gear: Profoto ProDaylight HMI is BACK!

Profoto is finally bringing HMIs back into their line-up with the announcement of the ProDaylight 400 Air and ProDaylight 800 Air, Metal Halide based continuous light sources, dedicated to work with most of the existing line of Profoto’s Light Shaping Tools. The powerful Metal Halide lamp provides daylight or color temperature, ideal for photo and video shoots.

Cool Gear: Strobies Flash Modifiers

One of the cool things I came across at this year’s PhotoPlus Expo was this Interfit Strobies Portrait Kit light modifiers for shoe mount flash. The great thing about studio flashes like Profoto is that you have lots of great choices of light modifiers, but most of the modifiers for on-camera flash either look like …

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Profoto AcuteB 600

When photographing portraits on location, we use lots of Profoto 7B 1200 w/s battery strobe packs. At times we rent as many as ten of them on our bigger shoots. It’s a great pack and practically bulletproof, the only drawback is that one of the thing that makes it bulletproof is that it’s powered by …

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