Commlite Nikon F Auto-Focus Adapter for Sony E-mount for Sale on eBay!


The world’s first Nikon F auto-focus adapter for Sony E-mount from Commlite is once again for sale on eBay. I pre-ordered mine back in November when the first run sold out in one day. The first run is still on hold with word that Commlite has delayed shipping until v2.0 of the software is installed but maybe this is a sign the shipping date is getting closer.

Commlite CM-ENF-E1 Electronic Lens Mount Adapter is one adapter converting your Nikon F-Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera, and different with the traditional manual adapter, it’s versatile and completely electronic, which can achieve functions like: Exif Transmitting, AF, Aperture Control , VR stabilizer, etc. It makes both your lens and cameras more powerful and versatile after exchanging.


Source: Sony Alpha Rumnors

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8 thoughts on “Commlite Nikon F Auto-Focus Adapter for Sony E-mount for Sale on eBay!”

  1. i ordered the same adapter on 23/11/15 and after so many delays from the factory as per seller replies ended today by a message from the seller that he is ready for refund as he doesn’t trust factory promises any more

    1. This adapter has not yet been released. We’ll have a better idea how well it works and with which lenses once it actually ships. Don’t expect it to work well with all Nikon AF lenses.

  2. I have mirrorless Sony nex 5n and nex 7. Can I use it on all two cameras?
    Tnx much.
    I have several important Nikon lens and I hope to use them on mirrorless camera with AF.

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