Airpixel Labs AIR Commander for Sony Mirrorless Cameras


Sony’s Remote Camera Control is a great free smartphone/tablet app for basic control of your Sony mirrorless camera – yet I get many requests for a more “robust’ remote with longer range and more control of camera settings.

Airpixel AIR Commander for Sony ($189) combines 2.4GHz handheld AIR controller and a receiver that attaches to the camera with a range of 200 meters (650 feet) according to manufacturer specs. This looks like a good solution for Sony mirrorless users who want greater range and more control of camera menu settings than Sony’s free Remote Camera Control smartphone app can provide.

Supported Cameras:

Sony a7, a7R, a7S, a7II, a7RII, a7SII, Sony a6300, a6000 mirrorless cameras


AIR Commander provides you the full access to the camera menu with all the menu functions of supported Sony mirrorless cameras. You can change:

• P-A-S-M mode (via memory banks)
• Exposure (via Exposure Compensation)
• ISO value
• White Balance
• Exposure correction
• Exposure lock
• Picture profile (Slog2 and other)
• Zoom (with electronics zoom control)
• Focus assistant
• Steady Shot settings
• Change between Full-frame and Super 35/APS-C capture mode on a7 Series cameras
• Shutter / Video recording
• and many more

Each console is able to pair with dozens of receivers. Once paired, all receivers react to commands from console at the same time. This allows you to synchronize the shutters of many cameras at once, which can be creatively used at drones or anywhere else.

AIR Commander establishes separate wireless communication between the transmitting console and receiver on the camera. This works in ISM 2.4GHz band, which prevents interference when used with a RC drone setup.

When the receiver is mounted to the camera and powered up, it takes just about one second for the receiver to send a data signal pairing it with the console. Once paired, the receiver is completely radio-silent, sending no wireless signal at all. AIR Commander only communicates when the button on the console is pressed. It takes just 0.001s to transmit a command.

Airpixel AIR Controller shown attached to an “all in one” HobbyKing 5 inch 800×480 5.8 GHz Little Pilot HD FPV Monitor with Mushroom Antenna and Bracket (Available for $130 on eBay)

AIR Commanders are in stock at the Airpixel eShop

AIR Commander Set – $189 Order Here

• AIR Controller unit
• Receiver
• Power cables

AIR Commander Receiver – $39 Order Here

• Additional receiver for AIR Commander
• Power cable

Setting Exposure Values with AIR Commander

Adjusting Video Exposure with AIR Commander

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8 thoughts on “Airpixel Labs AIR Commander for Sony Mirrorless Cameras”

  1. A feature I would like, mainly in cam, is to be able able to set a custom button to have MF Assist – HOLD, so that you can press the buttom, it will magnify, and when you release it, it goes back to normal view.

    It would be useful, for both legacy lens and FE lens, as even with my loxia, I do not always want the MF assist to pop each time I focus – I toggling the magnifiying using the custom button through each mode (normal, magnify x5, magnify x11) is painful.

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